FNS Panels at ALA 2015

Most recently, the Frank Norris Society had another successful year at the 2015 American Literature Association’s Conference in Boston, sponsoring the following two panels:

Subversion, Gender, and Physicality in Norris, Dreiser, and London
Chair: Eric Carl Link, University of Memphis
1. “’Feasting & Starving with Frank Norris,” Lauren Navarro, LaGuardia Community College
2. “Nonhuman Animals and the Naturalist Brute Within,” Jane Van Slembrouck, Fordham University
3. “A Sapphist Precedent: Lesbian Characters in the Naturalist Tradition,” Kathryn Klein, Vanderbilt University
4. “Jack London, Boxing, & the Naturalist Exercise in Physical Fitness,” Cara Erdheim, Sacred Heart University

Frank Norris and American Literary Naturalism
Chair: Steven Frye, California State University Bakersfield
1. “’The Thing That Isn’t Meant to Be Seen’: Violence and/as Form in American Literary Naturalism,” Adam Wood, Salisbury University
2. “Rethinking Frank Norris’s Vital Materialism,” Brandon Carr, University of Illinois
3. “Frank Norris’s McTeague: A Precursor to the Revisionist Western,” Hannah Huber, University of South Carolina
4. “From Los Muertos to The Cabin in the Woods: Naturalism’s Frontier Anxiety and Monstrous Obsessions,” Nicole de Fee, Louisiana Tech University