A Letter from the President: New Leadership for the Frank Norris Society

Dear Colleagues,

For about fifteen years, Steve Frye and I have been at the helm of the Frank Norris Society.  It has been an honor to continue the work of the society that had been anchored by Joseph McElrath and Jesse Crisler for many years, and although Steve and I could not fill their very large shoes, it was a great pleasure to do what we could to make sure the Norris society remained a vehicle for ongoing scholarship of Frank Norris and American literary naturalism.  I want to personally thank Steve for all of his help over the years, and I want to thank all of the many Norris scholars who gave excellent papers at the panels sponsored by the society at the annual American Literature Association Conference.  We also want to thank all of the contributors who helped make ALN: The American Literary Naturalism Newsletter a great little journal during its 10-issue run.

Now, I’m very pleased to announce that new leadership is taking the helm of the society.  Starting now, Dr. Adam Wood of Salisbury University will be taking on the role of President of the Frank Norris Society, and Hannah Huber of the University of South Carolina will be taking over the role of Vice President.  Hannah, as you all know, has been serving as Executive Coordinator of the society for several years, and Steve and I will be eternally grateful for all of her help these past few years.  Adam and Hannah are outstanding colleagues—as all of you who have met and worked with them know—and Steve and I are thrilled to know that the society is in great hands going forward.  We are grateful for their service, and we are truly glad to know that not only will the society’s work continue into the future, but that the society will be in even better hands.  The future continues to be bright for the study of American literary naturalism . . .

Please join me in welcoming the new leadership team, and thanks for allowing me and Steve the great privilege to lead the society for so many years.


Eric Carl Link

President, The Frank Norris Society

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